Top 10 Ways To Deal With Trigeminal Neuralgia

  1. One of the most important things to remember while dealing with a patient of Trigeminal neuralgia is a sympathetic behavior from his loved ones and a supportive atmosphere at home. His family members need to understand that the pain suffered by the patient is very severe and the attack can precipitate at any time and almost anywhere. Therefore, a concerned family member and a helping attitude from all near and dear ones can help the patient in not getting distressed by his disease condition.

  2. If you have someone in your family or any acquaintance that has Trigeminal neuralgia, it would be of great help for him or her if you try and gather more information about the disease. This will not only help you improve your knowledge about the condition, but also help you approach your dear one in a very helping way. You can remind them of their medication when needed or in case of an emergency you can be of great help for them.

  3. Coming to the nutritional aspect of dealing with Trigeminal Neuralgia, Vitamin – B 12 is a wonderful supplement that is required by the body in a normal scenario for the proper functioning of the nerves. Studies have shown that natural supplementation for the deficiency of micronutrients have shown better results than consuming artificially prepared extracts and medications. Therefore, try and obtain the necessary vitamin B12 supply for your body from natural food products like Eggs, Cheese, Yoghurt, Milk and Yeast extracts.

  4. Magnesium is also very helpful for the patients of Trigeminal neuralgia. Natural resources of Magnesium are dark green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, Avocado, Yoghurt, Bananas, Dried fruits etc. The dosage should be well monitored while taking artificial supplements as an over dose of Magnesium may cause Diarrhea.

  5. Another important thing to take care of while dealing with trigeminal neuralgia is the identification of trigger factors. Make a record of the previous attacks that you may have suffered from and try to recognize the stimulant for the attack. It can easily be a touch on the face or a sudden jerk, a sudden laughter or something as routine as eating food or brushing teeth. There are a few involuntary facial expressions and actions which cannot be controlled like if, laughing precipitated an attack, you cannot stop it forever, Life would be so dull without a smile. In such cases, the patient needs to be counselled for the limitations associated with the precautionary approach towards this disease. It’s very important that the patient understands the situation and his disease completely else, Trigeminal neuralgia can easily lead to mental disorders like anxiety, depression and agitation. The seriousness of the condition can be understood by the very fact that a large number of patients commit suicide because of their inability to accept and control their health condition.

  6. It is very important to get the right diagnosis for the condition. Trigeminal Neuralgia is very often precipitated as a result of a minor procedure like tooth extraction or a bacterial infection of the teeth or gums. Be very sure that you have been rightly diagnosed by your physician as mental stigma as a result of being wrongly diagnosed, may itself lead to even bigger health conditions and make your life miserable. That is why, we have stressed a lot on getting educated about the disease. This applies as much to the patient as to the near and dear ones so that they also learn how to manage their family member or colleague in times of need.

  7. Maintaining an optimum diet is equally essential as taking the right medications. Patients tend to eat less or anything that is available at the time of attack, either because of the severe pain or out of fear of precipitating one. This may bring down their overall health. A wholesome diet which is not too hard to chew and can be swallowed easily is ideal for Trigeminal Neuralgia patients. Liquids may be used more if eating or chewing is one of the precipitating factors.

  8. Sleep well, make your bedroom in a very peaceful corner of your house and surround yourself with the things that you like. Keep your surroundings lively that can uplift your mood in days of the attack and afterwards. Sleeping helps the body to naturally recover from all kinds of health problems, therefore, a good night’s sleep should never be missed.

  9. Lastly, the most important tip for patients suffering from any kind of disease is to maintain a positive outlook towards life. Its only one life time that everyone gets so it’s very important to enjoy to your heart’s content. Let not any disease or low point of time pull you back from doing what you want. Positivity is very essential in life so stay positive and stay healthy.

  10. Herbal Supplements for Trigeminal Neuralgia containing Ashwagandha, Guggul and Brahmi are great for nervous disorders. Regular use of these supplements improve nervine strength overtime and helps improve the condition. Guggul is a great anti – inflammatory agent also which can be very helpful for the patients of Trigeminal neuralgia. It is also the best natural pain killer available today. Brahmi has rapidly gained a very respectable position in the treatment of many nervous disorders. Its effects have gained worldwide recognition and is now being popularly used for its amazing health benefits. Ashwagandha and Brahmi oil massage also has a very soothing effect in patients of Trigeminal Neuralgia.
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