25 ways to calm the nerves

1. Take a 10-minute walk. This will help the body to relax and relieve stress, leading to anxiety.

2. Listen to a relaxation or even the usual music that you like. This will help you to escape from thinking about the stressor.

3. Stop the obsessive thoughts. Even better would be to work intensively on the nature.

4. Stop talking about your past. If you do so simply does not work, consult an expert. Soon again try to keep up with life, live the present and forget the past.

5. Breathe slowly. So you will be able to relieve some of you are experiencing stress.

6. Count to ten. This technique will help you to maintain concentration and avoid hasty words and deeds, which later you would regret it.

7. Use positive affirmations. Exhilarating conversation with himself - a useful trick that you can use at any time, to avoid a nervous breakdown or loss of control over the senses and emotions.

8. Take care of yourself! It is not necessary to blame and criticize yourself - it will only exacerbate stress.

9. go to sleep, or at least slightly prikornite. Rest is very important to take care of your body. When you get tired, you become irritable and nervous, which can lead to health problems.

10. Talk to a family friend. Sharing their misery with someone you trust, you can reduce stress and even find a way out of this situation.

11. Avoid caffeine - it is a strong stimulant, it can lead to increased stress.

12. Try a massage. This has a positive impact on muscle tone. Your muscles can be stretched, which leads to stress.

13. Time management (time management). Put priorities and use time wisely. Do things in order of importance.

14. Do not rush. This is a bad habit that can lead to problems in the future. It is also unnecessary stressor that can be avoided.

15. Avoid excessive workload. You should try to balance time between work and family. By recycling, you can cause serious health problems, and lack of personal time can lead to a deterioration in relations in the family, including stress and depression.

16. Ask for help. Can be very useful to get help and advice from their home or friends at a difficult time for you.

17. Do something fun, fun. Humor always helps in dealing with stress and is very useful for life in general.

18. Live today and plan for tomorrow. Do not overload the care and planning that can wait.

19. Keep a diary. Leaving on paper your thoughts and feelings, you let the problem quickly leave you.

20. Laugh and smile more. This is a great relaxation practice, allowing you to stay in a good mood and maintain a positive attitude. Look funny show, movie or go to a comedy club.

21. Eagles do not hunt flies. Learn to ignore the minor troubles (eg, loss of money, forgetting things, interaction with "difficult" people, and others.). If it's not worth your time and it can be ignored - ignore it and do not look back.

22. tidy the house. Bringing the house in order - an excellent remedy for stress and increase comfort.

23. Be optimistic! Stop being negative mood - you same with each other and interact all day, every day.

24. Stop trying to be perfect. And nothing ever will be so. This only leads to false expectations, leading to excessive stress in certain situations.

25. Stop trying to control everything. Learn to relax and do what you can. It is not easy to accept the fact that there is something you can control, but something - no, but it helps a lot in today's world full of stress. This is also a great example of what your priorities.
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