What Everyone Ought to Know about Ginger

Ginger - RECIPES USE! (cough, colds, weight loss, ginger ale, ginger candy and so on ... Read)

Winter is definitely a beautiful time of year, that's just a pity that come along with it depression, colds and the desire to eat something harmful.
Ginger - salvation from such afflictions. Try typing in your diet this spice at least a month, and the result will be pleasantly surprised!

The composition of ginger

  • Essential oil (1-3%), felandrin, kamfin, cineol, borneol, citral, gingerol (1.5%).

  • Ginger is rich in vitamins C, A, B1, B2, salts, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and zinc.

  • Pungent odor caused therein essential oil (1.2-3%), and its pungent flavor is dependent on the presence of substances fenolopodobnogo gingerol.
  • Ginger contains all the essential amino acids including threonine, tryptophan, Leysin, methionine, phenylalanine, valine.

Useful properties of ginger

  • By the number of nutrients garlic ginger close to, but has no odor. As well as garlic, ginger kills germs and increases the body's resistance to infections.

  • Chemical elements contained in ginger, improve digestion, stimulate the formation of gastric juice.
    Ginger normalizes blood circulation. It nourishes all tissues.

  • Ginger is also a diaphoretic, analgesic, expectorant, antiemetic.

  • Recent studies point to an extremely favorable impact of ginger on the stomach, digestive, respiratory system.
  • It is taken to stop diarrhea, to eliminate the harmful effects of venoms.

Ginger - treatment of the common cold

Autumn - season acute colds. Here are a few ways to protect the body by the ginger root.


Method 1

Cut off a small amount of ginger (about half a centimeter) and peel, put in your mouth.
A piece of ginger have to suck up until not disappear tingling sensation. When the action of essential oils will decrease slightly ginger bite. So you prolong its curative effect.

Method 2

When the first symptoms of colds accept ginger bath.
2-3 table spoons of powder boiled in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes, then pour the broth into the bath. Application time - 15-20 minutes.
After the bath, do not take a shower. Wrapped in a bathrobe and towel - and immediately under the covers! And if you had prepared tea with lime and honey and drink it after a bath - then the next day you will feel much better.

Ginger improves immunity

Ginger - a great tool to enhance immunity. 1 teaspoon ginger juice with salt, taken before a meal will help to get rid of a sore throat.

Ginger when coughing

Ginger jam is recommended for colds, coughs and indigestion. This jam can cook yourself.
In 250 ml of water, dissolve 0.5 cups sugar, 1 table spoon of ginger juice and boil until thick syrup. Then add a pinch of grated nutmeg and saffron.

Ginger from stomach pain

Combined with peppermint, elderberry flowers and yarrow (in the form of tea) it relieves severe abdominal pain.

Ginger and pressure (hypertension)

Ginger is effective in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, stimulates digestion and cleanses the body of toxins.

Ginger against cancer

Scientists have found that ginger effective for preventing cancer, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger for weight loss (tea)

Want to lose weight? Drink ginger tea for weight loss!
1 teaspoon minced ginger root zaley cup of boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon. Drink tea before meals.
Ginger makes the food easily digestible and gives it a spicy tangy taste. Therefore, ginger is recommended to eat to speed up metabolism.

Where to buy ginger?

In the sale of ginger comes in various forms: roots, ground, candied, in the form of an extract of ginger beer. Ginger blends well with other spices and is part of the mixtures "curry".
Ginger can buy in the supermarket (in the department of spices) or pharmacy.

Ginger root

Fresh ginger root should be smooth, firm to the touch and malovoloknisty. First, ginger root to wash, then carefully clean peel, because near the rind is just the basic stock of oils and fragrances.
When grinding ginger root is better to use a grater or a board made of synthetic materials as wooden board will absorb the smell.
Keep fresh root can be up to two months in the refrigerator if you first wrap it with cling film.

Ground dry ginger

Ground ginger fresh ginger sharper and have more potent, so 1 teaspoon dry ginger = 1 tablespoon grated fresh.

Ginger oil

The essential oil of ginger is widely used in aromatherapy to treat psycho-emotional disorders, colds and viral infections, diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is used in hot inhalations, baths, for rubbing, massage.
Ginger oil is used for arthritis, rheumatism, sprains and muscle pain.

Chinese eat ginger in sugar - we take an example!

Chinese people love the candied ginger. And it's not just an unusual taste this delicacy. According to them, it lifts the mood better than chocolate.
Clean and we shall cut slices of ginger root, put it in a pan of cold water zaley. Boil for 30 minutes, until tender. Slay water grist ginger sugar and sprinkle with water. Then put in a jar, close and store in refrigerator.

Pickled ginger


- Ginger (root) - 250g
- Rice vinegar - 90 ml
- Pink rice wine (mirin) - 2 tbsp
- Sake - 2 tbsp
- Sugar - 5 tsp

Wash the ginger root, peel and cook in boiling water for about 1 minute. Ginger boiled dry.
Mix the mirin, sake and sugar, boil. Connect the vinegar and the sauce, pour them ginger, first placing it in a glass dish. Close the lid and leave for H-4 days. Over time, it becomes a pale pink color. Ready pickled ginger can be stored in the refrigerator for a month.

Pickled ginger is often used as a seasoning for sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Fast ginger beer

Mix 2 cups of sugar, 25 g of crushed ginger, 15 ml of wine and pour 4.5 liters of hot boiled water.
In the cooled mixture, add 15 g of yeast. To ferment, strain and pour into bottles, cork and fix that. The next day, the beer is ready.

Ginger and Sushi

In Japanese cuisine ginger - a mandatory component of the land that serves as a defense against parasites living in the raw fish.

Ginger - our tips

In ginger most nutrients is under the skin, so when cleaning her roots should be left very thin. Ginger is used for crushing small grater.
Fresh ginger should be stored in a refrigerator, placing it in a container previously. Cellophane for these purposes is not recommended.

Ginger - contraindications
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