Home Remedies to Decrease PSA Level Naturally

Prostate-specific antigen commonly known as PSA level is a protein produced by the prostate gland. The elevation in PSA level may lead to any type of prostate disorder like Prostatic hypertrophy i.e. enlargement in prostate gland or Prostatitis i.e. inflammation in prostate gland. A huge amount of males suffer from these types of prostate disorders in their fifties or above age.

Causes of increase in PSA level

There are several factors like age-related changes, genetic heredity, diet, lifestyle etc., which may affect the PSA level count. Generally, in today’s phenomenon, the working style involves a lot of sitting work, which is another aspect to raise the pressure on pelvis. Improper diet or unhealthy food habit can cause constipation. Due to this, faeces become firm and lower bowel or rectum has surplus load, putting pressure on the prostate gland. The load on prostate gland leads to the enlargement or inflammation of the gland.

Symptoms of increment in PSA level

The increase in PSA level, which affects men’s health widely, is indicated by factors like frequent urination during night, having difficulty in urination or any type of discomfort passing the urine. There may be pain in the anal region subsequent to ejaculation, pain in hips, legs and feet, pain in lower back, dribbling followed by urination or any urinary infection. Also, there may perhaps exist an urgency of urination, decrease in size and flow of urine.

Precautionary measures, if any

The sufferer should shun glut of sex, irregular food and drinking habits. He should stay away from dynamic exercises. He may take short breaks in between hours of sitting work schedules. The patient is also suggested to take hydrotherapy under painful circumstances. The therapy will help him to get relief.

Men’s health tips for diet

Men suffering from elevated PSA level should involve healthy eating habit with large amount of water involved. They can follow the suggested tips:-
  •          Shun solid food stuff and use watery or permeable diet like fresh juices.
  •          Elude extremely seasoned foods, intense starches, and sugary stimulants.
  •          Try to pass away spicy, salty, cheesy, greasy, fried food.
  •          Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, excess tea and coffee.
  •          Chew the food systematically.
  •    With the watery diet, alternating sitting mechanism and Ayurvedic herbal treatment, men’s health can improve effectively.

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