Signs that Show you have Iron Deficiency

According to the research works and studies, approximately nine percent of women suffer due to iron deficiency. And, unfortunately, most of them are working women, who are physically active. Iron is mainly utilized by the body to produce haemoglobin. The haemoglobin is used to carry the correct amount of oxygen to various body parts effectively. Thus, deficiency of iron in the body leads to anaemia. However, the signs and symptoms differ according to the severity of the condition.
Here are the top signs that show you have iron deficiency

Fatigue or the Feeling that you are Exhausted
Iron deficiency leads to inappropriate amount of oxygen to reach the body cells properly, thereby, depriving the body from the optimum amount of energy, which is required. This leads to the feeling of weakness, fatigue and exhausted.
The redness in the blood is due to the presence of the protein, hemoglobin in it. The lack of iron in the body leads to deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood. Thus, the redness in the body disappears, which leads to paleness. Irrespective of the body complexion, if the gums, inside of the lips and bottom portion of the eyelids are less red than usual, it is sure that the individual is suffering from iron deficiency.
Short Breaths
Since, due to the lack of iron, oxygen cannot reach all the parts of your body effectively, the individual feels out of air or short of breath very easily. Thus, short breaths are wonderful symptoms of iron deficiency.
Cardiac Problems
Irregular heartbeat is yet another symptom of iron deficiency. Also, if the individual already has some cardiac disorders, lack of iron in the body can worsen the situation further.
A Heavy Period
This is yet another symptom of the deficiency of iron in the blood. Women generally have a huge loss of blood in consecutive months, if she is suffering from iron deficiency.
Restless Leg
More than 20 percent of individuals, who show restless leg syndrome suffer from iron deficiency. The more the deficiency, the more prominent is the symptom of fidgeting.
If sufficient amount of oxygen does not reach the brain, there will be a lot of problems. The brain blood vessels will swell and the person will be suffering from tremendous headaches. Thus, headache is an important symptom of iron deficiency in the body.
Craving for Ice, Clay and Dirt
Individuals suffering from iron deficiency crave often for non food items, which include ice, clay or dirt. This is an effective sign that the person is definitely suffering from iron deficiency syndrome.
Hair Loss
If the severity of the iron deficiency increases to a great extent, it may lead to a tremendous hair fall.
Hypo Thyroid
Iron deficiency blocks the working of the thyroid gland and its metabolic activities. It leads to under activity of the thyroid glands. If there is weight gain n the body or a low body temperature, it is possible that the individual is suffering from the lack of iron in the body.
Weird Tongue
Besides the tongue losing its redness, there may also be certain other abnormalities with the tongue. This is because; the low level of iron in the blood reduces the myoglobin level to a huge extent. And, the tongue becomes swollen, inflamed, amazingly smooth and sore.
Inflammatory Bowel or Celiac Disease
These conditions lead to malfunctioning of the digestive system. Ulcerative Colitis is an example of inflammatory bowel disorder and is generally caused due to the lack of iron in the body of the individuals.

Thus, these are some of the major symptoms and signs that show that you have iron deficiency In order to get rid of such situation, individuals are advised to consume more meat, fishes and eggs. Also, individuals with vegetarian diet are recommended to have a lot of green leafy vegetables. Pregnant women must take proper care since the babies may get affected severely due to their iron deficiencies. Thus, it is highly important that one takes proper care of the various symptoms and if required should definitely go to visit a doctor at the earliest.
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