Asthma - treatment of herbal remedies

Can Natural Therapies Help to Manage Asthma?

Some natural remedies can help to control symptoms of asthma. Like, a negative signal to emotional stress may cause an asthma attack.

Asthma - treatment of herbal remedies

Asthma - an inflammation of the respiratory tract with chronic form, which can be a cause of an allergic reaction or disorder of the immune system. In this disease, bronchial lumen narrows considerably, which is why there is a persistent cough, shortness of breath and wheezing when breathing.

 Treatment of bronchial asthma herbs

Recipe number 1
We need to take aloe leaves (plant age 6 years), put them in a cool place for 17 days and then wash, chop and pour hot water - 1 liter. Then the water with leaves should stand for 2 hours. Then the leaves of aloe to press to obtain juice. Thereafter, half a glass of juice is added 300 grams of walnuts (previously milled), and 100 g of honey. The mixture was stirred and kept in a refrigerator. Means you need to take 2 tablespoons 5 times a day.

Recipe number 2
Take plantain leaves, elder flowers, sundew and Viola tricolor in equal proportion. Mix the herbs, then measure out 2 tablespoons mixture and pour 250 ml of boiling water means. Let sit 10 minutes, herbs, then this folk medicine is ready for use. Divide the volume of fluid in the three and take before meals for a week, every day preparing a fresh broth.

 Treatment of asthma Ayurveda

Ayurvedic remedies for asthma can be divided into two categories: those that are used for cupping, and those that apply between asthma attacks.

To stop the use of the following attacks preparations:

Ashwagandha - for night attacks, combined with a sense of fear and sweating;
Neem - appointed by the elderly;
Vaasa - at attacks, accompanied by dizziness, paleness of the face and nausea;
Dalchini - appointed, if attacks are caused by mental factors;
Tulsi- appointed, if the attack is preceded by severe shortness of breath.

All Ayurvedic remedies are 100% natural and have no side effect.

 Treatment of allergic asthma in adults

Ginger root helps get rid of many diseases: many are known for its cleansing properties that help the body get rid of toxins. Treatment of asthma ginger effectively if it is combined with herbal remedies.

We need to take 300 grams of ginger and grind it with a trowel, and then pour into a glass jar and pour vodka - 250 mg. Thereafter agent should infuse a dark place for 8 days and then it is ready for use. Daily drink 1 hour. L. This means before meals for 14 days.

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