best recipe to increase blood

Carrot - the most useful

- Carrots helps with lung or heart disease, renal failure and liver.
- Fresh carrot juice cleanses the intestines and acts as a gentle laxative.
- Carrots helps in cases of anemia, "prostration", atherosclerosis, hypertension, and after a heart   attack.
- Fresh carrots perfectly cleanses the mouth. Enough to chew a piece of it, and the number of microbes in the mouth greatly reduced.
- It is very useful to view!

Drink carrot - real medicine!

1. Ginger mix.

Carrots 3 pcs, 2 pcs green apples, ginger 1 piece, 2 pieces of bananas, oranges 1 pc. fresh mint 1 bunch.

Carrot, apple and ginger make juice in a blender and then mix it with fruit and mint.

2. Mix the cabbage.

1/4 head cabbage, carrots 8 pcs, 1 piece of ginger root.

Squeeze the juice of all the ingredients and serve immediately.

3. Layer fresh vegetable.

Beets 4 pieces, 6 pieces of apples, carrots 4 pcs.

1. Vegetables thoroughly wash. Cut into pieces large enough.
2. Squeeze the juice from a portion of carrots, then beet carrot top layer, then out of the apple.
3. Repeat the sequence with another 3 portions.
4. Garnish with fresh herbs.
This sequence is better - apples will clean the juicer from the bright beet. You can individually squeeze three kinds of juice, but the effect of layers is not the same - the foam of fine meal was prepared by squeezing the juice directly into the glass, will not allow to mix the layers.
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